Rush decides who is republican

Even if you don't listen to the Rush Limbaugh show, you are surely aware that he has been spewing out irrational comments regarding John McCain and his not being republican enough.

Funny, he did the exact same thing to Arnold Schwarzenegger in March of 2007.

Apparently, Rush and his ultra-conservative cronies are republicans first and foremost, or maybe they're wealthy republicans first, and American citizens second, and then Christians third.

As for the mainstream America, if anybody cares, we are Americans first and foremost.

So, with McCain having an 82% Republican status according to some group who actually measures these things, Rush cannot wholeheartedly endorse him or he would be going against his own beliefs.


Is anyone else tired of Rush's garbage on McCain and Clinton?

He even spouts off that half of America hates Hillary. Really?

I guess they might if they are ignorant enough to buy into Rush's propaganda against her. If she is such a criminal, why were no charges ever brought against her?

Whatever happened to the American way of "innocent until proven guilty?"

The sad truth is that most ultra-conservative repubs, like Rush, are simply trying to control the money.

A woman, a maverick, a compromiser ... these people do not "FIT" into a mold that can be governed by a small group of people behind the scenes.

They want the wealthiest to be in power because the wealthiest will always be concerned about acquiring more wealth.

Unfortunately these so-called Christian republicans couldn't care less about the poor, sick and suffering on our own soil. They hide it well though. They are against abortion, that's what makes them Christian.

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