Iraq War Protests

Not too sure why protestors would choose to block the entrance to the IRS offices in Washington, DC, but they got arrested.

Seems like people would be protesting the IRS if they are positioned at the IRS building.

All that logic aside, I don't understand the logic of protesting the war at any location.

Protesting the war translates to me that you don't care about the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been saved because we took Sadam Hussein down.

Protesting the war means that you have no compassion for the thousands of young girls who were ripped from their homes to satisfy the sexual fantasies of Sadam's sons and their armies.

Protesting the war meas that you don't think we need to make our presence known in order to deter additional radical terrorists groups from even thinking about attacking us on our own soil.

Protesting the war tells me that you are ignorant, living in a fairy tale world that doesn't understand the evil that lurks beyond our shores.


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