I found the bridge

There once was a place created for a family that was beautiful to behold. The people were inately good, without thoughts of selfishness, greed, or other uncomely traits.

As time went by, another group entered the beautiful place who were selfish, hungry for power and rebellious. Mostly they were jealous of the joy of these people and wanted them to be as miserable as they were. You see, they had once lived in a place just as beautiful to behold, but they decided they wanted to create their own world. Their leader was one of the Creators most magnificent creations. His own beauty and perfection led him to sacrifice goodness for ego. He wanted to be adored. Once he and his followers left their beautiful home to try to create another more specatcular world that they could control, they were banned from beauty forever.

Misery loves company.

They proceeded to seduce the naive good natured righteous people and eventually succeeded. Once these people chose the other way of living, little did they know that they were literally giving up their immortality.

Ages went by as the once wonderful family tried to understand the meaning of life. They wandered around existing, but not fulfilling their destiny.

They no longer lived peacefully and happilly. They no longer had the means to live forever. Their spirits died along with their bodies. The spiritual connection they were created to have with their creator had been broken.

Finally, their Creator sent someone to show them how to live. He entered the family just as all the other children entered, and he lived his life among the same temptations and confusion that had bewildered the others.

The difference was that he could remember where he came from and he knew the way home. He experienced the temptations but he never gave in to them. He could see the bridge he was building, but it was hidden from the other's eyes.

He sacrificed himself to crucifixion and death, so he could break the chains of death and make his family immortal again. His death forgave all the evil that had been and would ever be. On the third day after his death, he came back to life, completing the bridge.

Every living person in this place has been saved by him and now has access to the bridge to eternity and immortality.

All they have to do is accept the gift and the bridge will appear. Once a person has seen the bridge, they change their ways and become the generous, loving and compassionate beings that they were meant to be. They are still tempted, but now they have the power to overcome the temptations because they know the future.

I am happy to say that I have seen the bridge and I have true joy and meaning in my life as the Creator intended. Those of us who have found the bridge are mandated by our Creator to help others find the bridge. Many are living now who have heard of this bridge to eternity, but believe it to be just another fairy tale.

As spiritual beings who "can" live beyond this lifetime span on earth, we have access to spiritual enlightenment, miracles and other mystical events that "normal" people cannot understand.

We must "show" them the way by sharing our spiritual experiences and our love for them whenever the opportunity arises. Conversations will sometimes lead us into a chance to help them.

However, we cannot show them the bridge just because we want to. It is a bridge only seen and discovered by the spiritual eye. Those who do not believe in spirit cannot be convinced unless they open themselves to the answers given only by the spirit sent by the Creator. It is not up to us to choose who will see the bridge.

Today of all days, let us rejoice in our discovery and perhaps someone will ask us why we are so full of joy.

Praise God the Creator for sending the annointed one to show us the way.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice. We will not forget.

Easter, Resurrection Day, Restoration Day -

While you may not agree with my simplistic explanation, this is the basic truth of Jesus Christ. Different sects may choose to follow certain rules, but that is not what gives them access to the bridge.

God bless.

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