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A recent study in New Zealand suggests that calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attacks in older females.

Here we go again...

Let's debunk this research (it's so easy to do)...

First of all, we are not told what type of calcium supplement was taken. Was it just calcium? This would be important to know because research has shown that calcium must be taken with other vital minerals such as magnesium, boron, etc. in order to be absorbed properly.

Secondly, how much calcium was given to these women? What is the dosage, how was it administered, was it with or without food, was it in powder form or tablet?

I don't even know why such research is conducted if the solid rules of taking the supplement are not applied. The research is not only faulty, but does not even provide or inform the consumer of specific data to help the consumer make an informed decision.

Here's a quote from the article...

The study involved 1,471 healthy post-menopausal women, average age 74, who already had participated in a study on the effects of calcium on bone density and fracture rates. Of them, 732 were given a daily calcium supplement and 739 were given a placebo. They were followed for five years.

Heart attacks were more common in the women taking the calcium supplements, with 31 women who took supplements experiencing a heart attack compared to 21 women who got a placebo, the researchers said.

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  1. agree completely. Many things go into a propper calcium supplementation, vitamin k, vitamin d, strontium, boron and magnesium just to name a small few. You just got to look around and do your research to find a proper calcium supplement that contains other bone building minerals like the ones mentioned above.


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