Global Warming in Alaska

Polar bears are doomed to extinction in Alaska.

Global warming is causing their demise.

It's too late to stop it but hopefully, we will still try.

By the year 2050, government scientists predict that their population will be decreased by two thirds.

That's a moderate guess.

The White House has no comment.

"As the sea ice goes, so goes the polar bear," said Steven Amstrup, lead biologist for the survey team.

The report was released as President George W. Bush was in Australia meeting with Asian leaders to try to agree on a strategy to address global warming. Bush will be host to major industrial nations in Washington this month to discuss the framework for a treaty on climate change.

Even in the unlikely event that all the major economies were to agree to rapid and drastic reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, the floating Arctic ice cap will continue to shrink at a rapid pace for the next 50 years, wiping out much of the bears' habitat.

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