Merv Griffin

Sadly, Merv Griffin is gravely ill following a recurrence of  prostate cancer which first struck him in 1996.  Now 82 years old, Merv is hospitalized and fighting the battle of his life.

I remember as a child watching The Merv Griffin Show on TV every day.  I didn't realize at that time how influential he was on television.  I thought he was just a talk show host.  I also watched the Mike Douglas Show, but that's another story.

Merv Griffin - the genius mind of television - gave us such shows as Jeopardy and  Wheel of Fortune.  There were several more shows that didn't quite make it as a hit with American viewers.  However, he has a new show coming out in the fall of 2007 - a crossword puzzle game show.

Merv is also responsible for discovering the talents of Whitney Houston,  Steve Martin,  Richard Pryor,  Ryan Seacrest and his latest find, the British medium with her own TV show "Life Amongh The Dead", Lisa Williams.  Lisa is a bit different from some of the psychics and mediums we are accustomed to.  I watched some of the first season of her show and was quite impressed.  I look forward to the coming season.

Mr. Griffin is also a singer, thoroughbred racehorse breeder, and a real estate mogul.  You can learn more about him at his web site,  where I believe they play the original talk show theme.

Congratulations to Merv Griffin who hasn't stopped the creative process which is so vital to us humans.  Merv has asked that instead of sending him flowers, that people would consider supporting the Young Musician's Foundation which is mentioned on his site.

My prayers are with you, Merv.

God bless, and thanks.


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