Heat Wave causes Mood Swings

Ok, this might not be scientifically or psychologically proven, but oh my gosh it is so true.  Extreme heat waves can cause anger, anxiety, frustration, and every other negative emotion we humans can conjure up.

The heat index here in South Carolina is 118 again today. 

My little tin can has a temperature of 90 in the den and I am just about to go crazy and tell everybody that is messing with me today just exactly what I think of them. 

The temperature in my dining area where my computer is located is certainly worse than 90, but my only proof is my perspiration and my mood.  I have a wet rag around my neck, and I am wearing the largest loosest sleeveless gown that I can find.

Days have gone by, with more promised, that will have our heat index well above 100.  The first few days I just felt tired, then yesterday I became the clumsiest person alive - falling, stumping my little toe and nearly ripping off the nail, bumping into things, and then finally just taking respite on the sofa with a fan blowing in my face until the day ended. 

Today, I have been angry and I can't seem to rid myself of it.  I even typed a nice long email venting my feelings to the one responsible for my anger, explaining the absurdity of the comments that ignited my anger, and then saving it in my draft folder.  I always do that before I send a "rant" email, because after some reflection, I may see that there is no real purpose served in sending such a letter.  So far, I haven't deleted it, but maybe the sun going down will alter my mood and perspective.

As a matter of fact, I feel better now, just sharing my feelings with the potential world, I say potential because I know not many people will read this, but oh well.

Now for some facts...

A recent survey sponsored by The Weather Channel links steamy weather with stormy moods.

Of the 1,000 adults surveyed coast to coast, more than 75% of the respondents in the North Central states said high heat and humidity has a strong negative influence on their frame of mind.

Almost half the total survey respondents said heat and humidity makes them feel lazy or tired. About one-third said sticky weather makes them sick or uncomfortable. Forty-six percent said it slows them down, decreases their productivity. About one-fourth said it makes them irritable, even angry.

Get the full story from another article...

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