Listening to Lee Greenwood's song, "God Bless the USA," has stirred more than a little patriotism in my heart today of all days, July 4th.

I cannot understand the ramblings of those so opposed to helping our brothers and sisters in other countries get on the road to true freedom.

As we help them achieve freedom from dictators, tyrants, murderers and masters, we not only help them, but we ensure our own freedom.

The only true path to safety on this land is to provide safety in other lands.

I stumbled across another blogger today, from Iraq, and found his insights quite moving, as I am sure many of you will.

General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker will present their report about the situation in Iraq, military and political, at some point in September.

One thing I hope the decision-makers and the media do when they read the report is to not isolate the war in Iraq from the war on terror and al-Qaeda as a whole, and at the same time put in mind the difference between war and nation-building. The latter takes much more time than winning a military conflict but requires different tools.

Uniting against al-Qaeda and even defeating it is not enough to solve all of Iraq's problems and the greater challenge of nation-building still lies ahead.

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I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.

I'm proud to be an American because we strive to help others around the globe know the precious freedom that we have.

Happy 4th of July - Happy Birthday America!

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