Stem Cell Research

This latest propaganda on stem cell research is just too much. Why do Americans, for the most part, believe everything they hear on TV?

Facts - there are now nearly 400,000 frozen embryos available for research.

Problem - many of these aren't considered to be primo because of some experimentation with mice, etc, etc.

Fact - stem cells can be harvested from many sources, not just embryos.

Fact - the embryo must be living in order to retrieve the stem cells which then KILLS the embryo.

Picture this - your child has a fatal disease which can only be cured by harvesting the stem cells from a sibling embryo. Will you get pregnant just to harvest these cells? Will you kill one child to save another?

It's that simple.

It's wrong.

Stem cell research is good, but it's been going on since the 1980s with no conclusive results, and no advancements made that can help anyone.

We are putting the cart lightyears ahead of the horse.

This is not even a topic worth debating - yet.

The bleeding heart democrats simply want another reason to cause havoc with our President, and this I do not understand since his term is nearly over. I guess they're so afraid that we will elect another Republican President that they are grasping at straws.

Sickening and disgusting, not to mention showcasing their lack of morals and ethics.

End result? They've lost another independent voter. Matter of fact, I'm not sure I can even consider myself an independent any more, except on a local basis.

Mainstream America Rules!!


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