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Facebook contributes to eating disorders

Interesting mix of not so useful news today, beginning with teens who text have better literacy skills. That's nice.

In Israel, they have concluded after a study that FaceBook contributes to eating disorders among their teen girls.


Forget about the magazines, television shows, commercials, billboards, movies and rock stars.... it's all FaceBook's fault.

That's ridiculous.

Wonder which big company funded THAT study?

Meanwhile, pray for peace in Egypt and the world.

Emotional Upheavals

Growing up in the 60s and experiencing the assassins of JFK, Robert Kennedy and MLK, obviously had an impact on my view of religion, politics and the world in general. This has become more obvious to me in light of the recent shooting in Tucson, which brought back sad, depressing memories. The lack of respect for the public offices is abominable. You can dislike the politics, and even the politician, but we must get back to a place where we can at least recognize and respect their dedication to service of the community and nation.

We seem to be experiencing a time of emotional upheavals on all levels. The spiritually minded are working more diligently to become more spiritual, which is what we truly are -- spiritual beings learning to live as humans, while most of the the religious right are fighting louder than ever to STOP spreading love creating a society where it's every one for him/herself, and the discontented and lost souls of this world are stepping into insanity and commi…