Friday, June 16, 2017

The Disrespect of Senator Kamala Harris

The disrespect of Senator Kamala Harris during hearings in recent days reminds us that we are not as civilized a society as some would like to believe. This type of disrespect, especially to someone with such an impressive background, simply wreaks of prejudice and entitlement. If that were not the case, then you would see white male senators and congressmen disrespecting each other. What we see, are male members disrespecting their female counterparts - their equals - and it's time for this to end.

There is no human being alive that is not equal to any other human being by divine right.

If you are of the Judaeo-Christian system, remember that in Acts 10.34, the writer said that God is no respecter of persons.

Just so we're clear, that means that males are not superior, and neither are white people.

Acts 10:34-43 King James Version (KJV) 34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons
Then again in Galatians...

Galatians 3:28King James Version (KJV)28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Religiously speaking, you Bible thumpers, evangelicals, and conservative rule makers who are trying to legislate your religion to all, are actually disrespecting your Lord every time you disrespect women and minorities. Your sin is much worse than the sins you get all worked up over.

Take the log out of your own eye. Or continue in your insane prejudices...

You shall reap what you sow. 


STOP with the insanity already. 

You do what you do because of your personal prejudices, 
NOT because of your devotion to God or Jesus, or country. 
OWN it.

During Sen. Kamala D. Harris’s 25-year career in law enforcement, she has established herself as a formidable presence in the courtroom, on the campaign trail and ultimately in government.

Sen. Harris at a recent hearing.

The following excerpts are from The Washington Post.

Here's what happened:
At that moment, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) cut in and appealed to the committee chairman, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.)
“The witness should be allowed to answer the question,” McCain said.
“Senators will allow the chair to control the hearing,” Burr said, pointing to McCain. “Senator Harris, let him answer.”
Sessions then went on to describe the principle, at length.
Before Harris got her “yes or no” answer, Burr cut her off and said her time had expired.
That was the second instance of the disrespect of Senator Kamala Harris.
Here are some of the comments from the first hearing and notice that Sen. McCain is involved - again. Once again, McCain has lost my respect. The Maverick has lost his kick. 
You can read the whole article at the Washington Post, see link at the end of this post.
Here's what happened:
Harris continued interrogating the deputy attorney general, again pressing him to give a “yes or no” answer. 
Then Burr interjected.
“Will the senator suspend?” Burr interjected. “The chair is going to exercise its right to allow the witnesses to answer the question, and the committee is on notice to provide the witnesses the courtesy, which has not been extended all the way across, extend the courtesy for questions to get answered.” 
As with Sessions, Harris never got her answer before time expired.

Is this simply another case of the disrespect of Senator Kamala Harris?

Or is it dangerously close to obstructing justice by not allowing the proper questioning of witnesses by a member of the Senate intelligence committee?

As if this lack of respect for women as equals isn't bad enough (see article discussing how female supreme court justices speak less than their male counterparts, and yet are interrupted three times as much, by their male counterparts.), we now have the propaganda Trumpeteers whining that Sen. Harris was "hysterical." 

Give me a break!

The Washington Post article continues... 
Harris’s treatment has not gone unnoticed. 
The admonishments from men have in fact elevated Harris’s profile, prompting comparisons of her and fellow female Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), who was censured during Sessions’s confirmation hearing earlier this year and inspired the rallying cry, “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

CNN's Vega on Sen. Harris. Raise your hand...

Sen. Warren supports Sen. Harris on Twitter.


Bible passages

Washington Post Article

Live Science Supreme Court Justice Females article
Excerpt:In other instances, male justices interrupted female justices to "mansplain," the researchers wrote. That is, the men either unnecessarily explained something to a female justice or explained to a third party what a woman was "trying to say," the study said.

Urban Dictionary - Trumpeteers

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Beck and Call

No doubt we all run into little mistakes every day. It always seems that when I've had a particularly stressful or even a slightly trying day, that some mistakes stand out more than others.

I don't get particularly annoyed by them, but I do wonder why we tend to just accept certain sayings without ever attempting to discover any logic behind them.

For instance, all my life I have heard the phrase "beck and call." Being an avid reader, I have known exactly how to spell the "beck and." However, when I was younger, I did prefer to say beckoned, which was the past tense of beck, which is also correctly worded. But, the popular phrase, used correctly today, is typically beck and call.

While browsing beck and call, I came across a wonderful image aptly portraying the meaning of the phrase, which also happens to be an album cover, for a great group known as Paul Cook & the Chronicles. Click on the cover to hear some of their music. They're good!

 Paul Cook Chronicles

beckon call

This is a fine example of what linguists call “popular etymology.” People don’t understand the origins of a word or expression and make one up based on what seems logical to them. “Beck” is just an old shortened version of “beckon.”

If you are at people’s beck and call it means they can summon you whenever they want: either by gesture (beck) or speech (call).

...And then there's the word beck.


beck1     /bɛk/     noun

1. a nod, wave, or other gesture or signal
2. at someone's beck and call, ready to obey someone's orders instantly; subject to someone's slightest whim

Word Origin: short for becnen to beckon

... And finally, the word beckon, which is actually related to the word beacon.

beck·on (as found on Google)
bekən/   verb
  1. make a gesture with the hand, arm, or head to encourage someone to come nearer or follow.

    "Miranda beckoned to Adam"

    "the guard beckoned to Benny"
    • attract the attention of or summon someone by making a gesture with the hand, arm, or head.

      "he beckoned Christopher over"
    • seem to be appealing or inviting.

      "the going is tough, and soft options beckon"

      "the countryside beckons you"

      (Links go back to Google.)

Friday, June 02, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

HoeflerText font alert

Have you seen it?

The HoeflerText font alert is a scam that is associated with a Facebook ad that I clicked on today. I never trust ads because they are so easy for hackers to mess with. Unfortunately, one cannot tell if the actual person that placed the ad is the "bad guy," or if their site was hacked and they actually have no knowledge of it.

On Chrome, it looks like this:

Hoefler Text font not found alert on Chrome

Warning: Regardless of who is at fault...

Do NOT install the font. 

Be smart online.

Whenever you have a pop-up or alert, always open a new browser tab and enter words from the alert into a search engine (I prefer Google), and find out what is really going on BEFORE you download anything.

Do NOT click OK on such pop-ups. 

X out of them.

Close that window.

If that doesn't work, try the ESC button in the top left corner of your keyboard.

If all else fails, reboot your computer. Pressing the windows key should bring up access to your power options.

Be safe.

This alert states that your version of Chrome or Firefox does not have the HoeflerText font installed and then prompts you to download a fake "Chrome Font Pack" or "Mozilla Font Pack" in order to install the HoeflerText font and see the page properly. The names of the downloads that have been distributed by this attack include Chrome_Font.exe,, and The downloaded file, though, is actually a malware installer that will install malware.

Get the full story plus instructions on virus removal at

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