About and Disclaimer

Hi. My name is Sandra and I'm a blogger.

Sounds like I'm admitting to an addiction, doesn't it?

Maybe I am. I'm addicted to writing and expressing myself with words. Actually, I prefer the written word to the spoken word, so I guess that's a different type of addiction altogether.

I'm an opinionated blogger. If I wasn't, I think the blog might be pretty boring.

For those who are interested, links to my blogs and social media sites are in the sidebar under "Connections." I love connecting with like minded beings.

As I take advantage of many social media and networking platforms, I discover and use many quotes and images. When possible and when available, I link back to the original source.

If you have found a quote or photo that is your original creation, please notify me and I will either remove the material or provide an appropriate link to your source for the material.

As a going-back-to-college mom and grandmother, I do reserve the right to publish advertising on my blogs for the purpose of increasing my income. I may also provide reviews of products on occasion for the same reason.

Regardless of any political advertising on my blogs, I am definitely a proud bleeding heart liberal, just as I believe Jesus would have been. I also support human rights and healthy environmental policies.

Thanks for visiting!


Sandra Cobb

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Thank you for your consideration. 

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