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New Computer

It finally happened. After 10 years, my old faithful computer died. So I now have a nice new pc with so much ram that I am amazed at all the cool multi-tasking I can do.I’ve just downloaded Live Writer to make blogging easier… this is my first post using it.Windows 7 seems fine so far. I’ve only had it a few days, so time will tell.My favorite item is the monitor which is large enough to have the google side bar which has a calendar, moon cycle, and today’s date, as well as the weather and a search box… which doesn’t interfere with my browsing or anything else. I’ve even added a little to-do list so I don’t forget those annoying things that must get done but seem to get put off til tomorrow. Since I’m back in school now (yes, at my age), I’m especially happy to have a computer that can handle projects for my daughter and myself.Happy Monday!

Arizona Rainbow

Arizona view with a hint of a rainbow... on my daugther's trip to Sedona.

McChrystal's Ego

Is it just me, or does anyone else have concern over a General who thinks of himself so highly that he is offended when the Commander in Chief does not acknowledge his presence?

This is not the type of ego that will serve us well as a nation, regardless of which party you "cling" to.

I hope you will join me as I pray for President Obama to make the right decision regarding McChrystal's letter of resignation.

Hopefully, the Pentagon is not well represented by him. I shudder to think that our highest ranking military officials have the mentality of a high school bully.

Other interesting facts about McChrystal...

He runs 7 to 8 miles a day, eats one meal, and sleeps for four hours a night.


Turn Plastic Soda Bottles into Luminaries

In celebration of Earth Day, I thought it would be nice to include a crafty way of recycling all of those 2 liter soda bottles...

(NC)—Instead of throwing away plastic soda bottles, repurpose them to make luminaries for all kinds of occasions, from glittery summer gatherings to Halloween socials. To do so:

Peel the labels from empty plastic soda bottles. Use adhesive remover and a paper towel to remove any residue. Wash the soda bottles thoroughly and let them dry completely. Using a utility knife or scissors, carefully cut off top of each bottle. But how to start the first cut? Yahoo Answers “best answer” recommends heating a screwdriver on the gas and melting a hole which you then cut with a pair of good scissors.

Next, cut a half-circle out of the back, near the bottom. (This will make it easier to add the sand and the candle later.)

Draw desired shapes on the sticky-backed, removable adhesive paper and cut them out. Adhere the shapes to the soda bottles, being careful to firmly s…

Chances are You Still Can't Afford Insurance - until 2014

I have a friend who needs health insurance badly but cannot afford the premiums, so I have been keeping up with the developments on her behalf.

Today, The Washington Post posted a "frequently asked questions" section on the new health care / insurance reform bill as it stands now.

Case in point...
-- My family has income of about $60,000, but we haven't been able to afford health insurance. Can we get it now? You might be eligible for government subsidies to help you pay for private insurance that will be sold in the health exchanges that will begin operation in 2014. Premium subsidies will be available for families with incomes from $29,327 to $88,000. But there's no help until then.

Executive Order on Abortion

What an interesting turn things have taken today regarding the debates on health care reform.  The President has offered to issue an Executive Order restricting abortion, but many Republicans are now stating "live" on TV, that Executive Orders are useless.

Really? NO!

Executive orders do have the full force of law AND, the courts have overturned only two executive orders.

I am so tired of the lies.

Speaking of abortion, am I the only one who sees the irony of this?

How can you claim to honor the sanctity of life by opposing abortion, when you allow thousands of people who are already walking on this earth, to suffer and die - needlessly?

Please explain.

Furthermore, what type of future are we creating by insisting that those unwanted children continue to be born?

Who will pay for their needs?

Who or what type of adult Americans will they become once they have discovered the truth of their birth?

Who can have a healthy self-esteem once they know that they were not loved and n…

Polls No Longer Viable

UPDATE: Interesting tidbit of info... at the end of 2008, one in five homes did NOT have a landline telephone, and that rate had grown by over 2% the latter half of 2008. According to the CDC, this is the most recent data available by the federal government.

Who is at home with a land-line to receive the calls from pollsters?


Most of the working class struggling to decide between an insurance premium or a light bill, gave up the land-line telephone in favor of a cellphone years ago.

Therefore, most of the polled public that is cited by the media, mostly on FOX, is not representative of the general public at large, who would be helped greatly by the health reform bill.

Telephone polls are no longer a viable method of gauging public opinion.

Wake up America!

My Only True Vice Was Smoking

If you know me well, you know these things about me...
I don't drinkI don't do drugsI don't gambleI don't swearI don't sleep aroundI don't even buy lottery tickets
My only true vice has been smoking cigarettes.
And now I don't do that.

I have been without a cigarette for a whole week.

You may think that isn't long enough for me to say that I have truly quit, but I think it's a fair statement considering the circumstances.

How did I quit?

Our wonderful government decided to add a flame retardant to the cigarette papers, and I am allergic to it.

How nice of them.

I'm betting that more than 99% of  smokers have NOT caused any forest fires because if they had, there would be fires constantly burning ALL of the time all over this land and we would not be able to keep them down.

So, let's insert an ingredient that is toxic and deadly to the smoker, so we can stop all of those non-existent fires. Some say the ingredient is a carpet glue. Others say i…

Free Speech for People or Groups

Should free speech, as it applies to campaign advertising and funding, be for people, or for groups and associations of people, which would include organizations and corporations?

Apparently, 5 justices of our Supreme Court believe that it should include groups and not just individuals.

However, how can they justify the fact that many of "we the people" are without associations of any kind, and therefore are not justly included in this particular ruling?

This new ruling allows an individual to be represented by many different voices, via the groups, corporations and associations they belong to and contribute to. You can own part of a large corporation and make your preferences known by sponsoring full page expensive ads to promote your candidate, AND you could also be a member of a non-profit organization that is doing the same thing, AND, as an individual you could also contribute to the campaign itself.

That gives you THREE voices instead of one.

This is just plain wron…

Wakefield - Autism - Lancet

I've read many articles over the years which referred to Wakefield's research linking Autism to MMR Vaccinations. They alarmed me, as they did many parents.

I did have my child vaccinated in spite of the research, but I did not do it according to schedule. I waited much longer before I began the series of childhood/infant vaccinations, and then I waited longer between vaccinations. I don't know if it had any effect at all, except that it made me feel better as a parent.

What I did NOT know is that the Lancet published this research knowing that only a dozen or so kids were in the study. Why in the world would such a study be published and allowed to frighten so many parents, when it was obviously not widespread enough to matter, no matter what the results?

These are the types of questions we need to be addressing as a society.

Research conducted among such small groups should only lead to further research.

The media should report on it, but they should NOT neglect to info…

I survived

A new decade is finally here and hopefully the world will be a much brighter and safer place over the next few years. Sometimes I just like to write my "stuff" and get it off my chest, and that is what I have done below. It feels good to look back and see what changes have taken place in 10 short years.

I find myself saying "I survived."

I am also grateful for all of the many blessings I have had and the lessons I have learned, not to mention the spiritual growth that took place because of the journey.

These events include only those which directly concerned myself and my children, and do not include those of siblings, nephews, nieces and dear friends whom have also had more than their fair share of traumatic events over the past decade.

Here are the most prominent events of my life over the past ten years.

1) My first grandchild, a beautiful boy, was born in 2000.

2) His Mother, my oldest daughter, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, also in 2000, and after two …