Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Phone attacks in South Carolina

Living in South Carolina and waiting for Saturday's Democratic Primary ...

Wrong turn for politics - phone calls with accusations - not urging a vote, but discouraging a vote - I'm sick to my stomach - a sad day in America.

Today is Wednesday. Approximately one hour ago, I received a phone call to my home which was a computerized message attacking Hillary Clinton with ridiculous accusations by someone claiming the name of Robert Morrow.

There were too many assaults for me to remember them all, and while most of them were hilarious, I am still appalled that someone would go to the trouble to make these calls. I have no idea who this person supported, the main idea was just anti-hillary.

First of all, they said that she had a tirade when her husband became President because she wanted VP Gore's office. She supposedly spouted profanities because she didn't get her way. Now I don't know her personally, but I know her well enough to know that she always knows how to behave and would never be so trivial. That's just garbage. If it were true, the media would have crucified her.

Secondly, she was accused of either stealing or killing a person's cat to keep them quiet about something. Oooooohhhhh.... that would scare me quiet... ha. This accusation must have been created by a middle schooler.

She was even accused of having at least one affair and implied to have others.

I was laughing before it was over because no one in their right mind is going to believe this junk.

Still, it is sad that so much hatred exists.

Remember folks, Hillary has never been indicted for anything, never been prosecuted for anything, and all of these rumors are just indicative of a "man's world" which cannot allow her to succeed. It is shameful how so many women in our country have chosen to assume the worst about her without proof. Shame on you. Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?"

If we are to judge a tree by its fruit, we have to look no further than Hillary Clinton's voting record, her daughter, and her marriage. Most women would have crumbled and retreated because of the media assaults, but not Hillary. She stuck to her decision to make the marriage work. She was savvy enough to know that women come out of the woodwork to seduce men in high places. Love conquers all - even Jezebels.

God help us restore common decency, honesty and integrity not only in Washington, but throughout this great country.

Disclaimer - I am an independent and have not yet decided on my vote.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Calcium Supplement

A recent study in New Zealand suggests that calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attacks in older females.

Here we go again...

Let's debunk this research (it's so easy to do)...

First of all, we are not told what type of calcium supplement was taken. Was it just calcium? This would be important to know because research has shown that calcium must be taken with other vital minerals such as magnesium, boron, etc. in order to be absorbed properly.

Secondly, how much calcium was given to these women? What is the dosage, how was it administered, was it with or without food, was it in powder form or tablet?

I don't even know why such research is conducted if the solid rules of taking the supplement are not applied. The research is not only faulty, but does not even provide or inform the consumer of specific data to help the consumer make an informed decision.

Here's a quote from the article...

The study involved 1,471 healthy post-menopausal women, average age 74, who already had participated in a study on the effects of calcium on bone density and fracture rates. Of them, 732 were given a daily calcium supplement and 739 were given a placebo. They were followed for five years.

Heart attacks were more common in the women taking the calcium supplements, with 31 women who took supplements experiencing a heart attack compared to 21 women who got a placebo, the researchers said.

Read the full article at

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

About the Circus of Life Blog

My little rant at the beginning of my blog is taking up too much space, so I decided to turn it into a post - About the Circus of Life Blog.

We are living at the circus in these United States of America, and possibly throughout the world.

A circus of loose lipped media, not-so-worthy politicians, religious fanatics and greedy corporations.

A media circus, a political circus, a religious potpourri of rules and judgements... a world where people hold on to beliefs without applying them with wisdom, compassion, logic or reason, where our prisons are full yet our streets are not safe, where our young people are violent and depressed.

We live in a country that is dependent on other countries even though it doesn't have to be.

Our politicians no longer represent "We The People."

Fanatical fundamentalist Christians decide on candidates (mostly) based on one issue instead of considering the welfare of ALL. I am a Christian also, but my duty as an American is to vote for the best candidate, not the best Christian.

Welcome to my blog where I rant and once in a while rave about topics and issues that cause me to stop and wonder what in the world is going on.

I am an independent voter, considering the character, integrity and platform of the individual candidate, because I feel that our major two party system of Republicans and Democrats no longer serves any purpose other than controlling its candidates representaing a select number of elitist partisans.

Since I cannot do anything about the circus, I blog about it.

Try blogging, it's great therapy!

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