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Sex, the root of all evil?

I Timothy 6:10 (Bible) says... "For the love of money is the root of all evil."

However, I would say to you that the love of money is not the only vice that is propelling this generation to possibly go down in history as one of the most vile and disgusting generations of American history.

Could it be that the love of sex is now the root of all evil?

Unfortunately, the secret sexual lives of people holding prominent postions in government is fast becoming the most disgusting and aberrant abuse of power.

These secret lives are becoming public knowledge now, and I fear that there are many more scandals to surface before this nation, especially mainstream America, begins to scream our outrage and let them know that we are disgusted by their actions and refuse to accept this behavior as status quo.

It matters. Yes it does.

If you cannot govern your own body, how can you govern a body of people?

What kind of mind can rationally take the risks that these people have taken with their reputations? What kind of father can risk humiliating his daughters in such a vile manner? If a father has no more love for his own daughter than this, that he would choose to indulge himself no matter the potential consequences, then how in the world can he be trusted with our future?

John Wesley's commentary on the scripture above gives, in my opinion, a more accurate translation...

6:10 Love of money - Commonly called prudent care of what a man has. Is the root - The parent of all manner of evils. Which some coveting have erred - Literally, missed the mark. They aimed not at faith, but at something else. And pierced themselves with many sorrows - From a guilty conscience, tormenting passions, desires contrary to reason, religion, and one another. How cruel are worldly men to themselves!

Fornication is certainly not new. We have endured such scandals from the Kennedy's, Bill Clinton, national and local servants "coming out of the closet" and now Spitzer and McGreevey. We have also suffered at the hands of the religious hypocrites such as Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart and the awful molestation of children from those in places of authority. We cannot even trust our school teachers.

I, for one, am tired of this nonsense. These people are selfish, self-serving individuals with not one iota of moral character deserving of their positions. Once such a postion is abused, I would love to see them brought down to the lowest of humanity. I only feel sorry for their families.

I do not blame Hillary Clinton in any way for her husband's abuse of power. It should not enter into her candidacy for president. That is not fair.

But that's another subject altogether.

My point is that these seemingly powerful and influential people are apparently lacking integrity and character. We have been deceived and we must learn how to appropriately interview and research persons who are seeking to serve our nation in such capacities as senators, congressmen and women, governors and presidential positions, including cabinet members.

I would love to see the media challenge these candidates on their moral beliefs.

Let's not wait for the scandal, let's nip it in the bud.

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